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Birth summary tables in England and Wales: 2016

Image Source: NHS Photo Library. 

Latest statistics from the Office of National Statistics covering the numbers of live births and stillbirths, fertility rates, percentage of births outside marriage/civil partnership, sex ratio, mean age of mother, area of usual residence of mother and percentage of births to non-UK born mothers.

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RCPCH Breastfeeding guidance

Image Source: NHS Photo Library 

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has published Position statement: breastfeeding in the UK.   This guidance gives advice on how long women should consider breastfeeding. It also sets out the health benefits of breastfeeding for mother and child, and the cost savings to families and health services.

Access the position statement here

Eating for two’ pregnancy myth

Pregnant woman wikimedia
Image source: Wikimedia

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) has highlighted the publication of a survey, to understand women’s perceptions of how much they should eat during pregnancy.  The survey, commissioned by the National Charity Partnership,, found 69 per cent of women are unaware of how many extra calories they need to consume during pregnancy. The RCOG is working with the National Charity Partnership to bust the ’eating for two’ myth and make it easier for people to understand how to make healthy choices during pregnancy to avoid unhealthy weight gain.

Read the RCOG news article here 

Access healthy eating information linked to this campaign here

Every mother must get the help they need

Every mother doc
Image Source: RCM

The Royal College of Midwives has published Every mother must get the help they need (pdf). This report was inspired by the petition of Lucie Holland, whose sister died in tragic circumstances as a result of mental illness.  Lucie set up the petition in 2015 calling for better awareness and care for those affected by perinatal mental illness.  This petition received thousands of signatures and many people left comments about their own experiences. The RCM and partners have analysed and collated all the comments to form this report, which aims to highlight the need for better awareness and care for those affected by maternal mental health problems.

Read the report here 

Read a press release from the Royal College of Midwives here

The state of infant feeding support services for mums and babies

Unicef infographic
Image source: UNICEF

This briefing and infographic from Unicef based on their 2017 survey of infant feeding leads, highlights how support services for mothers and babies are changing in England, and how this could impact breastfeeding rates.

“Special attention is needed in policies designed to protect and support the most vulnerable, such as babies born preterm or sick, into the most disadvantaged families, or to mothers suffering with poor mental health, as these are the babies who are least likely to be breastfed, while needing it the most”.

Download the infographic here
Read the briefing here