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Time to abandon the tolerable upper intake level of folate?

Folic acid chart
Image Source: Public Health Reviews

A new study, by Queen Mary University of London and the School of Advanced Study, University London, shows that the maximum suggested intake of folate (1mg/day) is based on ‘flawed’ analysis.  The RCOG responded to this article in terms of its significance in helping to remove barriers to folic acid fortification of foods such as flour.

Public health failure in the prevention of neural tube defects: time to abandon the tolerable upper intake level of folate. Nicholas J. Wald, Joan K. Morris, Colin Blakemore.  Public Health Reviews 201839:2 https://doi.org/10.1186/s40985-018-0079-6

The full text article is available on open access here

Read the RCOG response to the paper here