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Whooping cough vaccination in pregnancy

Whooping cough poster
Image Source: PHE

Public Health England has published an information poster to support the whooping cough vaccination in pregnancy programme. The poster has been designed to promote the need for maternal pertussis vaccination which is now recommended from week 16 of each pregnancy. It is suitable for GP surgeries, hospitals, maternity units, nurseries, child care centres and libraries.

Download the poster from here


Vaccinations in pregnancy

Vaccine leaflet

Public Health England has updated its leaflet “There are many ways to help protect you and your baby”. This leaflet explains vaccinations that help protect mums and their baby during and after pregnancy.  This update includes more detail about the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine and eligibility.

To download the leaflet click here

Pertussis immunisation in pregnancy: vaccine coverage estimates (England)

Image Source: NHS Photo Library 

This Public Health England report presents pertussis vaccine coverage in pregnant women in England for the period April to September 2016. Pertussis vaccine coverage in pregnant women averaged 70% across May to September 2016, 14% higher than the same period in 2015. This increase is thought to be associated with changes to the data extraction criteria from April 2016 and suggests coverage estimates prior to this may have been under-estimated. In addition, the extended eligibility criteria for the vaccine, available to women from 16 weeks of pregnancy since April 2016 (previously available from 28 weeks), would have started to impact coverage from September 2016, and this may have also contributed to the increase.

Link to full report here:  Pertussis Vaccination Programme for Pregnant Women: vaccine coverage estimates in England, April to September 2016