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NICE Laparoscopic cerclage for cervical incompetence to prevent late miscarriage or preterm birth: Interventional procedure consultation

The consultation period for this NICE Interventional Procedure is now open, and will close on 18.10.18.

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Surgical Management of Miscarriage and Removal of Persistent Placental or Fetal Remains (Consent Advice No. 10 – Joint with AEPU)

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This is the second edition of this guidance which was previously published in June 2010 under the title Surgical Evacuation of the Uterus for Early Pregnancy Loss.

This paper provides advice for health professionals obtaining consent from women undergoing surgical management of miscarriage with electric or manual vacuum aspiration. It is also intended to be appropriate when surgical intervention is indicated for an incomplete termination of pregnancy, incomplete or delayed miscarriage, or partially retained placenta after delivery. After careful discussion with the woman, the consent form should be edited under the heading ‘Name of proposed procedure or course of treatment’ to accurately describe the exact procedure to be performed.

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Care after miscarriage

Baby loss

The Miscarriage Association has published preliminary findings from research conducted as part of the Death before birth project. This report provides an overview of the extent to which the Human Tissue Authority Guidance (2015) has been incorporated into hospital policies for the management and disposal of the remains of pregnancy.

McGuinness, S., & Kuberska, K. (2017) Report to the Human Tissue Authority on disposal of pregnancy remains (less than 24 weeks’ gestational stage). Available at https://deathbeforebirthproject.org/research/htareport2017/.

Download the full document here

Surveillance report 2017 – Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage: diagnosis and initial management (2012) NICE guideline CG154

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NICE are planning an update of Guideline CG154 on ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. The update will focus on the accuracy of ultrasound for diagnosing ectopic pregnancy.

An extension to the scope will be needed to incorporate a new review question about the effectiveness of expectant management compared to medical management for ectopic pregnancy.

A change in the title of the NICE guideline will be needed to make clear that the guideline only refers to tubal ectopic pregnancy rather than any type of ectopic pregnancy.

For details on the evidence considered and the rational for change click here