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Twin pregnancy costs NHS

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ National Guideline Alliance has published a report examining twin pregnancy costs.  The report shows that twin births are almost three times as expensive as singleton births; the average cost to the NHS is £13,959 for a twin birth, while a singleton birth costs £4,892. The report notes that multiple pregnancy rate has significantly increased since the introduction of IVF and calls on CCGs to ensure single embryo transfer to reduce the multiple birth rate. This would reduce health risks for mother and babies, improve safety and quality of care, and lead to significant savings for the NHS.

Read the full report here

RCOG Statement here


Multiple birth babies requiring neonatal care

Twin pregnancy

The Twins and Multiple Births Associations (Tamba) has published Twin pregnancy and neonatal care in England: a Tamba report November 2017.  This report includes information from neonatal networks for stillbirth rates, neonatal death rates, NICE compliance and neonatal admissions for twins.  The authors suggest admissions of twins to neonatal units could be reduced by a third per year if all neonatal networks had the lowest admission rate.


Read the full report here

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